My Dream (as of Now) - 夢みたいなことを書く -

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まだ一般的にはなっていないけど、今後はなるべく本体もポストも silver925 にすることで、お手入れしながらずっと使えるし、最後はまた、まるっとリサイクルできるようにしたい



I’d like to create a sustainable system which can recycle my costume jewelry.

A lot of metals ,not only jewelry but also electronic components and so on, are now being disposed though they could be still used (by recycling into different forms).

These days I’ve been interested in recycling silver. It’s not popular yet, but I will choose silver925 more for my costume jewelry. Silver925 can be enjoyed for a long time with easy care, and has the potential to be collected and recycled more in the future.

How could I make it true? I might possibly realize it in my next life, but anyway, someone who sympathizes or is resonated with my idea might read this, so now I'm writing this down. 


(※ 夢の話をしています)

In my dreamy idea, people bring silver stuff which is no longer used to the lodge ( which will look like the one in Ghibli movie! ).
They just sell or choose the next design at the counter, or may bring some pieces to ask for maintenance.

It’s like a dream If people who used to work as miners work there happily and say “it’s like a dream". 



I will do hand-weaving, or draw and carve the next costume jewelry design in a back room, and come to help when necessary. In the garden, some kinds of vegetables and cottons (of course all organic!) are grown up.

Handwoven tweeds made with organic cottons will return to soil after enjoying their temporal forms.






まるで夢みたいな話とか、今なにができるか、なんてお話ができたらうれしいです *

Dreaming such a future world, I work on creating items everyday. I’d like people to love my items for a long time, and bring them back to recycle.

I believe it can’t be impossible that nature / environment and fashion are going well together ( or it’s just the way ancient people did…! ) .

If you got interested or are rather versed in recycled silver or other points in my idea by any chance, please let me know. I’m happy we can share any ideas for the dreamlike future *

whoopie roux

P.S. 住むのは、絶対に虫が出ない高層階を一生希望しています... (切実

 P.S. I'd like to live on a higher floor all my life where bugs never come out...! (serioursly

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whoopie roux

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